CA 04 - new generaion CAN alarm
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30 September 2020

CA 04 - new generaion CAN alarm

 Car Alarm System: CA 04

High class interface alarm system, working through the factory central door lock of the car, with shock sensor, blinkers, two types of security work.

CAN-BUS is a digital communication link between various controllers and in-car systems available on most car models manufactured after 2005-2006.

The alarm system monitors CAN-bus information and only switches on and off the alarm when a signal is provided to lock / unlock the vehicle from the factory remote control respectively. In addition to the on and off signals, these alarms receive information from the CAN-bus to open the door / trunk / 'contact', etc., thus significantly reducing installation time, since unnecessary disassembly is avoided. 

In most cases, cars equipped with CAN-BUS can not be fitted with an analog alarm control system, and most of them are not compatible with self-contained alarm systems.


- the alarm system is controlled by a factory remote control;
- selection of different alarms;
- selection of different signals for switching on and executing (possibility and without sound signals);
- built-in immobilizer;
- detailed channels for lifting the foot and operating the pager;
- two security modes;
- compatibility when working with three factory remote control buttons (boot opening button);
- input buttons with negative actuation;
- integrated electronic shock (shock) sensor with two modes of action;
- open door warning (when the alarm is activated);
- service ("jack") button;
- intelligent shock (shock) sensor;
- ignition switch (normally closed relay);
- LED with "memory";
- self-diagnosis;
- flashing light indication;