Armoured HS4000 / HS5000/ HS 6000
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24 August 2019

Armoured HS4000 / HS5000/ HS 6000

ARMOURED HS4000 / HS5000/ HS 6000


Designed to work with home and office alarm systems. It is manufactured of sheet iron, electrostatic covered by polyester paint and supplied with electrodynamic horn radiator and bridge amplifier with working current 1.6A. It can be single and double armoured, with ot without flash indicator (lamp 12V/5V). The siren is protected by two tampers against removing the covers.
HS 4000 - Miniature double-armoured siren with lamp
HS 5000 - Miniature double-armoured siren with plastic cover, microcontroller and additional functions
HS 6000 - miniature fire siren with red cover and red flash.