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12 July 2020

LPG Tanks


A full range of LPG tanks - cylindrical and toroidal ones, products of Atiker and M.S.M

Reducers Repair Kit

Repair Kits for:

R-UNO reducer, R-DUE reducer ,GAMA 01 reducer, Motor reducer, Romano reducer, Tomasetto reducer, Zavoli original - reducer.

Swichers for LPG Systems Gas4/6

Automatic LPG swichers GAS4 and GAS6 for all 4/6 automobiles with ignition multipoint engines. 

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Swichers for LPG/CNG Systems Gas2/3/8

Automatic LPG/ CNG -petrol change-over electronic switch with built-in emulator for lambda sensor...

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Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth module for wireless connection
between the LPG ECU and the PC for system adjustment.